Where to buy

Main studio – 2621 Northwest Bay Rd Nanoose Bay BC
250 468 7416



About Ron

Ron Zaborniak  is retired from construction .
He uses local Vancouver Island wood to make bowls, closed forms , boxes ,weed pots, candle sticks and platters


About Karen

Grew up …..
manages Ron …..
Gardens, grandkids, community supporter . . .


About our Trees

An Arbutus tree lives up to 500 years and grows to 100 feet tall. They are restricted to a narrow band along the south coast of British Columbia, Canada, generally occurring within 8 kilometers of the ocean.


Arbutus is a deciduous tree that does not shed its leaves in winter. New leaves grow and old leaves fall off in July. In summer the reddish brown bark sheds its skin and falls to the ground to reveal new green bark.